Yairi flat response system
Wellington Rosewood

Above all else, the DY74 is an exellent performance guitar. The full bodied dreadnought design features parabolic "X" bracing and internal lacquering to enhance the full color sounds this guitar is capable of achieving.

Beautifully grained rosewood is chosen specifically to create the sides and back of the DY74. Add to this a solid Canadian spruce top, mahogany neck and jacaranda faced headpiece, and this exquisite yet unpretentious guitar has the appearance to compliment its sounds.

Cutaway Wellington Rosewood

An upper bout cutaway for easy access to the upper registers marks the only difference between the DY74C and the DY74.

Cutaway Wellington Rosewood with Flat Response Mics

Two flat response condenser microphones are strategically located in the guitar body to reproduce the guitar's natural tone quality. One of the microphones is set "out of phase" and helps control feedback.

inserted by FC2 system